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Val Reid

Dalkey Handmade Soaps – A soap story

I’ve always loved Natural Soap! Particularily the Cold Process Soap I bought from Leanne Chevallier while on my holidays in the South of France.
Leanne taught me how to make this wonderful soap -and in 2013 I began making it with my good friend Angela. Starting in my kitchen, then working our way to a studio in my Garden.
We worked together happily for two and a half years, but unfortunately Ange was ‘head-hunted’ back to her family business at the end of 2016. We’re still great friends!
I make my soap as simply as possible, using only natural oils, butters, colours and pure essential oils -making them in small batches and curing them for 4 to 6 weeks.
I hope you enjoy them!
grapefruit and bergamot soap on cat dish